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Sandy Feet Keepsake Casting Kit FAQ (scroll down for Easter Grass-kit FAQ)

The cup was lost/broken.  Can you tell me how much water I need?

3/4 measuring cup of water will mix perfectly with the plaster provided in the SANDY FEET kit.  The SANDY FOOT kit requires a tiny bit less than 1/2 cup.

Can the plaster be mixed with ocean water?

Yes, any water will work.  Fresh and salt water work equally well.

Can this be performed indoors?

We do not recommend it - it takes an extremely long time to cure. However, if that is the best solution for you, give it 24 hours before attempting to remove it from the sand. A gentle fan directed on the container will also speed it up.

What happens if a rogue wave crashes over the drying cast in the sand?

Depending on when the wave hits, mostly nothing.  It will just take longer for the cast to set.  However, if the waves hit it repeatedly, it will not set.

Is this kit compliant with the new testing regulations?

Yes, the kit is in compliance with all new regulations for children’s products.

Is this product made in the USA?

The pails are made in China, but the remainder of components are from North America.  The kits are assembled in the USA by the Kennedy Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting disabled adults.

How many feet does one kit make?

The Sandy FEET kit makes 2 child-size casts (up to size 2), or 1 larger child/adult size foot (up to size 9M/10W)  The Sandy FOOT color casting kits will make one cast up to children’s size 4. The larger size casts are thinner, so please use extra care when removing them from the sand and give them extra time to harden, so they don’t break.

Can you cast hands?

We don’t recommend it because the fingers might be too fragile, and would likely break. If you do really want a hand cast, we suggest puddling it around the handprint in a circle like a pancake. You will get a raised handprint on a circle.

Is the finished cast breakable?

Yes.  However, we have found that Elmer’s white glue is the best solution for bonding broken pieces.

Is the plaster toxic?

No, the plaster in the kit is ASTM certified, non-toxic art plaster.

Do I need to do this at the beach?

No, it can be done in a sandbox as well.  You DO need sand however - it is not included in the kit.

Can I leave the finished print outside when I’m done?

We do not recommend it - the outside elements will wear the print, eventually removing the fine layer of sand, as well as part of its charm.

Easter Grass-kit FAQ

How much grass will one kit make?

The original kit in the cotton bag is ideal for two 10” baskets. The soil only needs to be about 1” deep in order to grow the grass.

What is the disk made of?

The disk is made of coconut coir (the outside husk of the coconut). It is rinsed in fresh water, dried, then compressed into a disk.

How long does it take to grow?

The seeds will germinate in approximately 36-48 hours, and grow to about 3 inches in 7-10 days.  TIP:  If you are short on time, soak the seeds in water before planting for 1 hour (up to overnight), then scatter them on the dirt.  They will sprout much faster!

When is the best time to plant the seeds?

7-10 days before Easter is the best time to plant the seeds.

Should I water the seeds?

If the soil is covered with plastic wrap until the grass germinates, there will be no need to water it. Once the grass is growing, and is left uncovered for a long period of time, the cocopeat will appear light and dry, at which time you should lightly mist it to prolong the growth.  

Can I keep the grass for longer?

The grass will grow for at least a month.  You may periodically need to trim and water the grass if kept for an extended period of time. Grass that has deeper soil may take longer for the sprouts to appear, but it also will keep longer.

It looks like there is mold growing on my grass! Is it harmful?

From time to time, you might see a white mold appear on your grass. Do not be alarmed - it is harmless. This comes from the soil being too moist. Remove the cover (if there is one) and gently pull the offending blades. A fan gently blowing on the basket for a few hours will dry the grass out.