Experiential Craft Kits for Creative Fun

Like scores of other mom-preneurs, the story began with a desire to spend more quality time with our kids.

Our girls were prolific with their art. They were always drawing, cutting, coloring and creating. 

I was on the hunt for fun family projects that would be simple, full of memories, with a finished product that would also serve as whimsical decor. Most of the artwork was simply getting left out in piles. Time, space and storage remained elusive. I was in search of arts and crafts projects that could be left out on display...on purpose. 

The first seeds of what has now become our first product - (the original Sandy Feet Casting Kit) came a few days after I made plaster sandy feet impressions with my kids, niece, and nephew. Not only was it fun for everyone, but the sandy feet that we made that day continue to be displayed on our mantle and Christmas trees to this day. I realized that the one thing stopping people from making this craft was the inconvenient 10 lb. plaster container. Spots and Ladybugs was born.

Spots and Ladybugs set up shop at the New York Toy Fair in 2010 with one product - the Original Sandy Feet Keepsake Casting Kits. Within a year, five more products were added to the Sandy Feet family. A year following those products, we started selling the original, all-natural Easter Grass-kit.

In 2016, we finally launched Smalltown Flats, which had been in development for the better part of 3 years. It's a puzzle, a craft, and doll furniture all rolled into one! Slide the pieces together by matching up the numbers. Decorate with the enclosed stickers or get creative and personalize it with art supplies you already have at home. Slip together, take apart, store FLAT! 

I hope that you will enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed designing them.

Alison Zajac

Spots and Ladybugs, LLC